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All-Hands Meetings

All-hands online meetings at Passionate People 🎉.

Do you want to know what is the best new practice that is happening at Passionate People due to corona virus?

Our all-hands meetings! When COVID-19 kicked off in the Netherlands during March, our engineering manager had the amazing idea of getting everyone more connected through a weekly call that passionate members are allowed to attend even in pyjamas! 💤

Along with tech and company updates, anniversary celebrations and much more, we managed to create a truly inspiring atmosphere in spite of the difficult and uncertain times. Our developers were always more than delighted to share their experiences, challenges and learnings regarding their biggest love, coding.

• 22 weeks
• 2 amazing moderators Israel Roldan Leon , Tom Nchinda
• Many fascinating tech updates
• A lot of inspiring project shares

If you want to be part of this family don't hesitate to contact us! #Wearehiring