Success Stories: Oskar.

Published by — 7 months ago

Oskar van Velden started is a senior frontend consultant for 1,5 years at Passionate People. He sent us this hear-warming message a few days ago:

Dear Passionate People,

A while back Ben shared a very moving text in WhatsApp how he felt blessed to be part of Passionate People. Now I feel that I need to share the same feeling.

I’ve been part of this PP-family for over 1,5 years now. At first it felt just like any job, new people, new colleagues and it all was just ok. But after a while I started to notice how the company really cares about the people. We are not just numbers or moving pawns, we are passionate people (yeah, pun intended).

Especially the last couple of months, during this crisis we all have to get through and have to deal with every day, I feel more and more camaraderie, more warmth and more togetherness. Besides all the excellent (!!!!!) care about everyone (with the Easter cupcakes, the breakfast and other awesome stuff), I think this feeling is mostly caused by the weekly All-Hands Meetings.

Every Thursday we meet, we talk about what/how everyone is doing, we share stuff and we are - just for one hour - all together. Every week, after the all-hands, I get so filled with inspiration to check out all the great stuff everyone shared and I feel so privileged (I honestly do) to work with all you guys/gals. You all are so skilled and have so much passion about the job we are doing. And at the same time you all are so full of respect and support for each other. Nobody looks down on anyone, we respect different views on the same subject and we feel free to express ourselves how we want.

So I suddenly realised something: this company is something different. There is no other company like Passionate People. Well, just wanted to thanks you all for listening to me rambling, but I just really ... uhm .... like you all a lot ^^

Thank you for the kind words Oskar! We are happy that you are part of our little passionate family too!

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