3 Years at Passionate People: Harjis and Timo Stories

Published by — 27 days ago

We celebrated our 3rd anniversary this month. As part of the celebration, we interviewed two colleagues who have been with us for the longest to hear their first-hand experience working at Passionate People.

We had a chat with Harjis Deksnis and Timo Heddes. They have been consulting for over three years at Passionate People. Here's what they had to say:

I have been working with Passionate People since March 2018 and had the chance to work with all major frontend frameworks (React, Angular and Vue) with several of my clients. I'm also involved in public speaking and found my last client at a meetup I was a speaker at (Hoogendoorn) and now working with Vue.js at my current client (Nationale Netherlanden).

I'm quite happy I can engage with meetups and conferences, and I've conducted workshops for my clients and colleagues.

I'm thankful for competent management and teammates with diverse and interesting experiences that are very supportive. It's incredible what Luke, Nick & David have done and a great place to work they created.

I'm very thankful for the culture here. We exhibit a great sense of culture and togetherness, and I think that is very important. We're all one family, and I've made friends here.

Even with the Pandemic and everyone working from home, we've still had that shared sense of togetherness - company organizing anniversary dinners and sending anniversary cake to everyone.

The competence of my teammates and the collective knowledge we can share amongst ourselves is one of the reasons why I'm thankful to work here.

I met Luke and Nick before, back when they were recruiters, and had a very good feeling about them. So when they told me they are starting their consulting agency, I was excited at the prospect! My very first "real" job - ever - was working for Discovery Channel, here in Amsterdam, and there I came to realize that I didn't like the corporate environment... I wanted to be part of something more intimate. So I moved to work for startups and agencies. However, with those, I felt stuck in terms of my personal and professional development.

The concept of Passionate People struck a perfect balance. I would get to work for large corporations, without really tying myself down to one, and meanwhile be part of a great group of people. We grew pretty quickly, but we've been able to uphold this sense of intimacy within Passionate People, and I don't see it going anywhere.

Passionate People is like a foundation where you get to learn, develop, and share as you're collaborating with clients. And when a project with a client gets completed, you can move on to another if you want to. There are always new challenges and experiences available to us, which is invaluable. And as we grow, so does the collective pool of knowledge and skills we share. Not just technical; we're at a point where we also have an incredibly wide variety of personalities and backgrounds and interests. I love that I progress in my career in such an interesting, welcoming, and warm environment. I applaud - and thank - Luke, Nick, and David for everything they have done to make it happen and work so well! Happy anniversary and I genuinely look forward to many more years to come.

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