Eva You Workshop

Published by — 9 months ago

We offer in-classroom workshops all over the Netherlands. Even with Evan You 😉🔥

Our expert colleagues are ready to share their knowledge and lessons learned on all aspects of web development in large-scale applications.

From the basics of starting a new project successfully to how to re-architect legacy applications.

💻 Advanced NuxtJS

💻 Functional Programming

💻 WebDev for Managers

💻 Self-hosting like a Pro

💻 TypeScript

💻 many More!

Occasionally we also rent out our amazing office for other companies organising meetups or workshops.

As being the Platinum Sponsors of Frontend Love 2020, we provided the venue for the Evan You Workshop called; “Vue.js 3 Deep Dive”. It was an amazing event with more than 66 participants, who got certified for completing the workshop. Congratulations! 🔥

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