Reason #2: Giving back to the community 🚀

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Reasons why to join Passionate People 💜

Reason #2: Giving back to the community 🚀

At Passionate People, we love giving back community, connecting people and sharing all our knowledge, and for that reason, we are very proud to announce that we are:


✔️ Platinum Patreon of Vue Technology LLC

✔️ Platinum sponsor and proud organizer of Frontend Love Conference and Vuejs Global (Amsterdam)

✔️ Platinum sponsor of Product Up Conference

... and many other


✔️ 900+ Vuejs meetup group members

✔️ Meetup hosts


✔️ Patreon sponsors of individual core members


✔️ Online Workshops

For first-hand, real-world knowledge directly from our expert consultants and sponsorship please reach out to Nick van Dijk!

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