Case Study: Jurian

Published by — 4 months ago

Every week, our developers share a case study of their current project, a hobby project or introduce a new tool that they have been using at the All-Hands meeting.

Jurian Koning talked about his current project in which he is working on a platform that is subsidised by the government and on which, among others, people who need it can request a budget for personalised care (a personal budget).

Jurian Koning who’s currently working at ICTU on a PGB platform. The platform is helping not only healthcare providers but also people with disabilities! Isn’t that amazing? We are so proud of him for ensuring accessibility for those who need it and making the world a better place.

Jurian Koning has been working on a project for our client ICTU for two months, where he works on the PGB2.0 Platform with the help of Vuejs, Typescript, Jest, Cypress and the Composition API.

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