Tips by Spider!

Published by — 6 months ago

Here are some advice from our Spider - Chris Visser when it comes to lack of motivation or having difficulties with being focused:⁣

🔥 ⁣Work when you feel it. Don't work when you really don't feel it. Like seriously! Stop forcing yourself, take a break! The best quality stuff comes from your peaks!

🔥 Stop caring about how other people work best, find out own way! Make your own schedule!⁣

🔥 ⁣You should be in control! It’s your responsibility to be as productive as possible in the given time! You commit to a sprint. Be passionate about it, of course....⁣

🔥 ⁣Stop worrying about what other people think about how you should work. Most of them do not even see the process itself. They only see my end result (which is always positive). 😉

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