Sponsoring the Product Up Conference 🚀

Published by — about 2 months ago

Passionate People behind the scenes of Product Up Conference 🚀

Last week was really busy at Passionate People. As we already announced, we are platinum sponsors of a brand new online conference for startups and scaleups named Product Up Conference. 🎉

Our amazing team of 9 people assisted during 2 whole days in the pre-recordings of no more and no less than 10 speakers, 7 moderators, 2 fireside chats and a super inspirational panel discussion. You will be able to see the results very soon! Sign up for the conference today for free! ⇩


Would you like to join a company where you can also be part of such an incredible conference organisational team? 😊 We are highly focused on giving back to the community! Join us today!

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