About Passionate People

Passionate People is the leading JavaScript Consultancy in the Netherlands. Want to make an impact on the top brands in the nation and get an important role in a project that is being seen and used by millions of people?


Our standard is the highest in the sector. You will be surrounded by the best like-minded JavaScript Engineers in the country that love to share their knowledge. Colleagues are directly contributing to Vue & Nuxt and one of your potential colleagues could be Dr. Svelte. We have Engineers that provide professional workshops at an advanced level in React, TypeScript, Design Patterns, and all things related to JavaScript.

Your role

Being a JavaScript Engineer at Passionate People is about more than just writing code; we are looking for problem solvers that want to be architecting/developing new features and product and ultimately leading the JavaScript side of things. We focus on finding you the best work with the simple objective of making you happy and keeping you happy.


We have a wide client base in industries like FinTech, E-commerce, Logistics, Supply Chain, Industrial Automation and, Automotive building products like the COVID-19 vaccination platform, a route planner for electric cars and leveraging AI to detect early-stage lung cancer in CT-scans


A mentor & career development plan to help you achieve your goals as a developer

€60-€80K salary range

Drive a Tesla, BMW or Audi company car


Company holiday

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Frontend Engineer



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Vue.js Developer

Amsterdam (relocation options)


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React.js Developer



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Open Applications

We are proud to count among our colleagues experienced engineers from diverse (personal and technical) backgrounds, open source contributors and we are really passionate about running some of the largest & most special JavaScript Conferences in the World.

If you feel your set of skills would be a good match for our team, don't hesitate to contact us!

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