Frontend Testing is used to test the functionality and usability of an application’s Graphical User Interface. Via a set of practices for testing the UI of a web application. You will test the functionality by putting the UI under continuous stress. Depending on the type of testing, we can achieve this in various ways and at various levels: Unit tests look at the minor units in your applications.

“Doing tests again? Yes or No? “
Legacy codes? Not really loved by developers but why’s that?
Developers may find legacy codes challenging as they are old codes which are written by/inherited from someone else.
To Michael Feathers a Legacy Code simply “is a code without tests.”
Mirjam Aulbach is a Frontend software developer working at BRYTER and she is going discuss “Implementing a test suite in an existing Frontend application” in this video.
David Müllerchen, a Javascript developer/founder of webdave , is going to dive into CypressIO in his talk. So what is Cypress? Why CypressIO? David is going to talk about this e2e testing tool and how to use it!
CypressIO is complete end-to-end testing experience, it is a new form of Frontend Testing which makes every developers’ life easier! If your interested to learn more about that make sure to watch his video!
Why is it important to test when writing codes? What is Jest and Testing Library? Ariane Jurado de Bilbao , Frontend developer, is going to discuss the benefits of testing codes as well as her personal recommendations for testing and how to use them!
Jest is a simple testing framework that works with projects using: Babel, TypeScript, Node, React, Angular, Vue and much more! Testing Library is also a similar, reliable framework which facilitates test practices!
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