Design Systems

A design system is a set of guidelines for managing design at scale by avoiding redundancy and establishing a common language and aesthetic across several pages and channels. When properly implemented, design systems can provide a design team with numerous advantages that can help developers. Make sure to watch the talks to learn more!

Heard of Design Systems? So what are they?
Miriam Gonzalez, a Frontend Developer at Neuromobile and a design and user experience lover.
Miriam is going to discuss design systems, what they are, when to use them and how to implement them in her talk “Design Systems 101”!
Watch Sid’s talk on Tiny Design Systems for Tiny Teams at React Live Conference!
So what are Design System? They are “a set of multidisciplinary shared, integrated principles and patterns that define the overall design of the product” – Karri Saarinen
Sid Kshetrapal is a Software Architect and a Developer at Building React UI. Make sure to watch Sid’s full talk to learn more!

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