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About JSWORLD Conference

Created under the Frontend Love brand in 2018 and powered by Passionate People, JSWORLD Conference has grown into the largest JavaScript conference in Europe with 3,000 + attendees flying from 50+ countries over 3 full days.

Besides aiming to create the most incredible experience for attendees coming from all over the world, our objective is to always give back to the community.

Alongside the conference, we continue to run regular meetups in the Netherlands — with over 100+ meetups in the last 5 years. Our brand has also been organizing low-cost events to Paris, Barcelona, and Berlin, working with local companies, students, and communities.

We are proud to be partly responsible for the explosion of Frontend JavaScript meetups in Amsterdam by organizing the largest, most active, fun, educational, and free JavaScript meetups.

20 Topics

100 Talks

50.000 Attendees

JSWORLD Conference 2021

JSWORLD Conference is the largest and most epic JavaScript conference and community event of 2021. Learning from JavaScript Frontend Developer leaders from all over the world has never been more accessible.

JSWORLD Conference took place from Monday 22nd February to Saturday 27th February 2021.

52,142 JavaScript enthusiasts signed up for a full week of content to help them level-up as Frontend JavaScript developers.

100+ talks, 20 topics, panel discussions, in-depth interviews and updates from creators of libraries and authors, you can get access to all of them now through our conference recordings.

Passionate People Contributors

Jos Gerards

Conference Organizer

Gift Egwuenu

Diversity & Inclusion

Nikolett Brandner

Video Production

Nick van Dijk


Luke Thomas


Letizia Magnini


Our Conference Contribution

Passionate People developers are regular speakers, interviewers, and also planning assistants to this conference. Take a look at the selection of conference recordings, featuring our team members.

JSWORLD 2021 - Gift Egwuenu: Tech Snacks

JSWORLD 2021 - eCommerce Panel Discussion

JSWORLD 2021 - Rob Richardson Q&A

JSWORLD 2021 - Guillermo Rauch Q&A

JSWORLD 2021 - Chris Heilmann Q&A

JSWORLD 2021 - Negar Jamalifard Q&A

JSWORLD USA 2021 - Gift Egwuenu: Personal Branding

JSWORLD USA 2021 - Alba Silvente: Web Performance: Nuxt, Storyblok & Netlify

JSWORLD USA 2021 - Alexander Esselink: Future of Svelte

JSWORLD USA 2021 - Evan You: Future of Vue

JSWORLD USA 2021 - Gift Egwuenu Q&A

JSWORLD USA 2021 - Alba Silvente Q&A

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