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About Angular NL

Angular has become one of the most important JavaScript frameworks in today’s technological ecosystem.

After two consecutive successes in both 2019 and 2020, we are back at full steam to bring the Angular community together again.

Our ambition is to create the most incredible experience for attendees from all over the world. Through this conference, you will not only gain knowledge on the latest Angular trends, but also learn how to navigate technological challenges from some of the best Angular experts in the world.

Why Attend

Join an active network of Angular developers online looking to enjoy a great day of fun, learning and knowledge sharing, while being offered the chance of in-person Q&A’s, exclusive panel discussions and access to all knowledge tech chat channels.

Take your chance to learn from the best Angular developers in the world as they provide you with amazing talks on topics such as Ivy, RxJS, E2E Testing, and many more.

These are some of the perks and benefits you get when buying a ticket:

Talks by OSS Contributors & Angular Experts

HD Video Quality

Exclusive Panel Discussions

Live Q&A Sessions

Chat with Speakers

Social Experience with the Angular Community

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