Vodafone Ziggo

Prioneering the Digital Future

The Company

VodafoneZiggo is a Dutch company that provides fixed, mobile and integrated communication and entertainment services to consumers and
businesses. VodafoneZiggo is a joint venture between Liberty Global, the largest international TV and broadband internet company, and Vodafone Group, one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies.

The Process

Our colleague, Lesley van der Pol, joined Vodafone Ziggo as a Full-Stack Development Consultant in February 2021.

His initial assignment entailed working on a project called “My Vodafone Zakelijk” (“My Vodafone Business”), which is VodafoneZiggo’s enterprise platform. Over 7 years of development had gone into building this platform, and one of Lesley’s key tasks was renewing it while keeping in mind the performance, developer experience, and UI.

To achieve that, Lesley and his team are using React and TypeScript for the frontend, as well as Nest.js as the backend framework for developing the API middleware.

The Assignment

Renew and improve Vodafone Ziggo’s enterprise platform called “My Vodafone Zakelijk” by focusing on speed, flexibility, and even better performance.

Whats to come

Besides the platform itself, Lesley and his team are also busy setting up a design system internally. This is a joint effort in collaboration with other colleagues from Passionate People.

According to Lesley, the teamwork is very exciting. Even though some of his colleagues from Passionate People work in different business units, it is important for them to maintain a good internal collaboration. In that sense, they set up a meeting every other Monday with all the React developers, which functions as a space in which they are able to exchange knowledge and share insights into their individual projects.

As for the future, Lesley looks forward to successfully completing the platform migration, but for now, he is happy that “both the team and the code are maturing, and things are really starting to speed up.”