Keeping customers happy through digital greatness

The Company

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Our Ambition

Make Rodeo achieve digital greatness by keeping its customers happy.

The Process

Our colleague and Full-Stack Engineer, Daniel Alarcón Amador, has been working at client Rodeo since January 2021.

His project entails working on Rodeo’s web application, by focusing on the user experience. At the moment, Daniel and his team are working on creating a chat that resembles Slack, which would allow clients to skip the subscription to other more pricey communication platforms.

For this, they are using React as their stack of choice, which provides a nice API to create messages, channels, profiles, and so on.

The Assignment

Improving the web application by keeping in mind the user experience on the website. This includes creating new and interactive features, such as a chat box, with the end goal of keeping users happy.

Whats to Come

Passionate People has collaborated with Rodeo for some time already in different areas that go beyond the frontend. At the moment, two other teams from Passionate People, besides Daniel’s, are working at Rodeo on different areas of the product. They are currently working on creating a digital planner using React, Chakra UI, and TypeScript, among other frameworks.

The teams have also recently started transitioning from Feather.js to Nest.js to create a new backend, which works better with TypeScript and allows for more variety in the implementation. We’re all very excited to see the new results!