Jumbo Foodcoach

Providing Athletes with Personalised Weekly Menus

The Company

Jumbo is a supermarket chain in the Netherlands and Belgium. Founded in 1921, Jumbo currently has more than 650 supermarkets, eight Food markets, eight Jumbo City and a successful online ordering and delivery service via Jumbo.com.

Our Ambition

Although the Foodcoach application is momentarily geared towards professional athletes, Jumbo is currently onboarding new types of users to it, leading to a massive increase in usage numbers. Our ambition is to create a platform that seamlessly supports scaling.

The Assignment

Jumbo Foodcoach is an application designed for professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts that offers individualized weekly menus adapted to each person’s dietary needs. Based on a personal nutritional plan, the Jumbo Foodcoach app proposes personalized meals, thus allowing athletes to perform better during training and competitions. The app allows users to conveniently add the right ingredients and quantities to their shopping list at the touch of a button, making shopping in the store or online a little easier.

The Process

Our colleague and Engineering Manager, Israel Roldan, joined Jumbo in January 2021 as a Solutions Engineer, leading one of the front-end teams in charge of building the Jumbo Foodcoach app.

Built as a greenfield project, the tool is currently moved away from Salesforce and integrated into an in-house dashboard built by Israel and his team.

Some of the frameworks used in the project include Vue, Nuxt, as well as the design system built by Jumbo in order to maintain a consistent customer experience.

The Results

Israel and his team have managed to do their first production-level deployment in the very first month, which means that users are able to receive the product faster than expected.