Grand Vision

Providing a Seamless Multi-Brand Customer Journey

The Company

GrandVision is a global leader in optical retailing and delivers high-quality and affordable eye care to millions of customers around the world. The high-quality eye care offered by GrandVision includes a wide range of services provided by its vision experts, such as lenses, (sun)glass frames, contact lenses, and other products and services.

Our Ambition

Ensuring a smoother in-store customer journey across various brands and countries through a cutting-edge, customizable, and flexible platform.

The Process

Our colleague and Frontend Consultant, Tim van den Eijnden, started working as a Frontend Developer for GrandVision in December 2020.

His assignment entailed working on building a contingent frontend that is able to communicate with various backends and CI/CD pipelines that differ from country to country.

To achieve this Tim and his team used the following tech-stack:

• TypeScript, React, GraphQL, NodeJS micro-services, Tailwind, Storybook, Cypress and Electron – all within a mono-repo on Azure DevOps.

The back-end is built on top of New Black’s EVA: The Unified Commerce platform that makes brands and retailers adaptive to change (

The Assignment

GrandVision’s products are offered through its leading optical retail banners which operate in more than 40 countries across Europe, the America, the Middle East, and Asia.

In an era of rapidly changing customer behaviour, it is of paramount importance to offer consumers a desirable and seamless customer experience. In an ongoing effort to support this mission, we were tasked with improving the company’s multi-brand customer journey. Our main ambition was to build an application that is customizable and flexible, and therefore easy to use for customers.

The Results

Electron was used primarily to run the application of machines in the stores. It provides the advantage of using the previously mentioned web technologies to run the solution as a native application in stores across many countries.