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Our experience in providing high quality JavaScript consultancy, allows us to provide the same level of quality in backend engineering. Our backend consultants are experts in the JVM stack, conceptualizing and delivering scalable solutions, providing maximum value to your customers. 

In an ever more digital world, quality software is your edge in staying ahead of the competition. Our focus on quality, communication, exceptional skills, and a healthy balance in pragmatism and excellence, makes sure that our consultants help you to reach that competitive edge.

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Automation & Delivery

Software that cannot be reached, can provide no value. Not only do we provide the expertise in creating quality software, we also ensure that it is confidently and consistently delivered into production. We know how to set up or improve the pipeline into production, automating quality controls along the way. Creating quality is just the first step, ensuring it along the way is the next.


Security & Data

Production systems contain sensitive data and preventing a leak is of the utmost importance. We handle your data with care, designing quality databases, implementing integrity checks, and making sure the application handles the data with care. Experience ensures that no sensitive data ends up in logging or any other place it should not be.


Monitoring & Alerting

Failures are a fact in any system, compromising the value being delivered to your clients. While it is impossible to fully avoid failures in the distributed systems of today, we know how to mitigate these and handle them gracefully. We make sure that your production system is monitored and alerts are produced on failures that require immediate attention. An interruption is inevitable, how your system can recover is what matters. We provide the insight you need.

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