Accessibility is all about making your websites usable by as many people as possible. Those features are designed to make it easier for people with disabilities to utilise technology. Text-to-speech, closed captioning, and keyboard shortcuts are all common accessibility features.
Many accessibility recommended practices help everyone, not just disabled people. Lean semantic markup, for example, is not only beneficial for screen readers, but it’s also quick to load and performs well. Everyone benefits from this, especially those who use mobile devices and/or have sluggish internet connections. Learn more about accessibility together with our talks!
Accessibility (A11Y) is an often misunderstood topic by developers. We also tend to not see the importance and if we see it, we struggle on getting started because it’s such broad topic. What can we do to improve?
In his talk talk, Bob Bijvoet will explain web accessibility and why it’s such a critical part of our job. He will explain how to get started in testing and improving your apps using tools and methods that are market standard. There will be real-world examples from his daily job and he’ll share how to tackle common pitfalls and after this session, you’ll have enough knowledge to start fixing your front-end’s most low hanging A11Y issues. Isn’t it amazing? Watch the talk to get all these perks
In her talk Anuradha Kumari explores the intricacies of a11y and shares her tips and the tools she uses that enable her to create accessible websites and applications using JavaScript.
Learn with Anuradha why accessibility is important and why the development should be access focused. With this discussion you will also get some tips which you could start using from the very next day and contribute towards a more inclusive world. Join the discussion by watching the recording of AHnuradha’s presentation!

Accessibility Software Engineer at GitHub, Adrián Bolonio, also believes, that our role as frontend and web developers is to create clear interfaces to make people understand and care about data, independently of their disabilities or impairments, but what we, developers, often forget is to ensure that the code we write follows the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), and the only way to achieve that is testing, either manual or automated. In his talk, Adrián will share some testing tools, libraries and techniques to increase the a11y test coverage of your code with a simple React application example, so don’t miss this talk to find out more about accessibility!

Have you ever thought how Vue-Announcer can help you create accessible single-page applications? It announces useful information for screen reader users. Maria Lamardo, Senior Manager of Digital Design Accessibility at CVS Health, in her talk, will tell you how to use this plugin customise receive alerts and notifications as users navigate your application. Watch the talk to find out more about Vue-Announcer plugin!

Maya Shavin, Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft, shared her knowledge on how to make your Vue Apps accessible for all users. In her talk she covers such topics as overview of media accessibility and the current challenges. With this discussion you can learn different techniques for media accessibility and developing efficient accessibility policy.

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