About Passionate people

Passionate People is the leading JavaScript Company in the World based here in Amsterdam. Want to make an impact on the top brands in the nation and get an important role in a project that is being seen and used by millions of people?


Our standard is the highest in the sector. You will be surrounded by the best like-minded JavaScript Engineers in the country that love to share their knowledge. Colleagues are directly contributing to Vue & Nuxt and one of your potential colleagues could be Dr. Svelte. We have Engineers that provide professional workshops at an advanced level in React, TypeScript, Design Patterns, and all things related to JavaScript.

Your role

Being a JavaScript Engineer at Passionate People is about more than just writing code; we are looking for problem solvers that want to be architecting/developing new features and product and ultimately leading the JavaScript side of things. We focus on finding you the best work with the simple objective of making you happy and keeping you happy.


We have a wide client base in industries like FinTech, E-commerce, Logistics, Supply Chain, Industrial Automation and, Automotive building products like the COVID-19 vaccination platform, a route planner for electric cars and leveraging AI to detect early-stage lung cancer in CT-scans

Reasons to Join

Established in only 2017 we have grown to 100 Employees very fast

We have superb staff retention with employees still with us who started in 2018 onwards. In a very competitive market, we are extremely proud Passionate People employees decide to stay with us for our journey to the moon

Our Company is very much People First. Every Year you get multiple Conference Days, we host regular Team & Company Events. Meetups are run on a weekly basis, Company holidays to Europe, Chance to Travel & Help us with Conferences in other countries

Culture is really a great reason to join Passionate People. We are humble, fun, friendly, and willing to share our knowledge. It really is an amazing group of people to be around

The Salary Range is Very Competitive, arguably above Market Conditions. But more importantly and interestingly for you, we offer a significant increase every year. As you grow as an expert and consultant we reward people for their impact on our reputation

Be surrounded by the most ambitious, dedicated, motivated and driven Fullstack Engineers in the game

Opportunity to learn from the best developers with fantastic communication skills. Giving you the chance to grow your career and skillset exponentially

Work in a Lead position with clients that will challenge you to the utmost. You will have lots of responsibilities that allow you to take control of very important products that impact thousands of people's lives

We have the greatest, most diverse, and innovative client list in the game. You will have a great selection of problems to solve with companies people rely on

Our community work in the Javascript Community is the stuff of legends. We run the largest Javascript Conference in the world. www.jsworldconference.com. Our showcase conference is the Most Special & Largest Vue Conference in the World. www.vuejs.amsterdam. More recently we were proud to run www.reactmiami.com alongside our Amsterdam based www.reactlive.nl

About Us


Founded in October 2017, Passionate People is the leading JavaScript consultancy in the Netherlands.

Our aim is to help our customers speed up their digital transformation initiatives at scale, and our standard is the highest in the sector.


In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, our commitment to making a positive difference has never been stronger.

Our team consists of 50+ high-performing JavaScript developers who are highly experienced in delivering exceptional products that change the lives of millions of people.

Our culture

Engineering is our baseline, but we also take pride in creating a space that allows engineers to thrive and continue to grow professionally. We do that by:


Our network is wide and deep, and this allows us to find real experts that have a passion for transforming and improving the way our client’s internal teams work. We not only value technical skills, but communication skills are also just as important for us.


Working with someone from Passionate People means working with the whole of Passionate People. Our experience working with multiple clients across multiple industries provides us make it possible for us to bring different perspectives to the table.


Our presence and contribution to the developer community is very important for us. We are connected to industry and thought leaders, core contributors and open-source maintainers. We like being responsible early adopters when possible and this also permeates our way of proposing new things to our clients.

Our team

Our standard is the highest in the sector. Our colleagues are experienced engineers from diverse (personal and technical) backgrounds, open source contributors and talented individuals, passionate about collaborating with some of the largest & most epic JavaScript conferences in the world.

Because we value quality, diversity and expertise, we are hiring our talent globally and are currently uniting approximately 20 nationalities.

Testimonials of our colleagues

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