Passionate People

Developer run company of passionate and highly skilled Javascript engineers. We have a proven track record of helping companies realise their digital transformations and speed up their software deliveries.

What we do

Front-End Development

With experience on dozens of production projects, we are able to deliver quick results, without a compromise on quality. We have experience with the top techs: Angular, React, Vue, Polymer, Ionic etc.

Back-End & DevOps

We develop sophisticated high-performance back-end, using Node JS. We also help clients to setup CI/CD pipelines and deploy their applications on Cloud environment (We're AWS Consulting Partner).

Project Management and Architecture

Having a project manager with dedicated accessibility expertise means your project will be delivered on time and to budget, likely exceeding your expectations in design and quality.


Our mix of people with their deep technical background and experience allow us to help you identify core issues, common pitfalls and to aid in accelerating your software deliveries.

Cyber-Security and Pen-Testing

Finding vulnerabilities that could be exploited, and tightening your web security to prepare you for a changing online ecosystem.

Trainings, Conferences and Meetups

We prepare your development teams to work on efficiently to deliver results. Also, We organise tech meetups and conferences.

VueJs Amsterdam Conference

Organising events helps us to stay on top of the tech ecosystem and be connected with the best people in the industry. Vuejs Amsterdam 2019 will be a two day conference for Vuejs enthusiasts from around the world. Vuejs Amsterdam was proud to host 1085 Attendees from 51 countries in 2018. If you never made it to Vuejs Amsterdam 2018, check out the aftermovie below. Don’t miss your chance to experience the “big screen” and extend your Vuejs knowledge.

Frontend Developer Meetup Amsterdam

The Largest Meetup community of Frontend Developers in the Benelux. Proven Track record for delivering the most inspiring, educational, fun and active Meetups in the Netherlands.
3200+ Community Members.
35+ Successful Free Meetups.
50-100 Awesome speakers.

VueJs Roadtrip

Vuejs Roadtrip is coming to Barcelona and Paris with all roads leading to Vuejs Amsterdam. Bringing you members of the Vuejs Core team alongside local Vuejs Developers. Come join our local Vuejs events for 150 attendees in Barcelona and Paris. Then get your tickets quickly for the big one Vuejs Amsterdam 2019.

Angular Amsterdam Meetup

This is the largest Angularjs Meetup Group in the Netherlands. Passionate Angularjs Developers are welcome to join this meetup and share their knowledge. We will have presentations from Angularjs Developers about positives and negatives they experience whilst using this awesome framework. It is a chance to meet like minded people who want to learn more about the boundaries of Angularjs. Anyone is welcome in the Netherlands but we are trying to build the Amsterdam Angularjs community.